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[Eric] Khurram, I'm waiting to see what you'll turn this site into since you insisted we move to face book. [01-08-2013 06:22:55]
[Richard] No one is writing anything though. [11-29-2012 12:40:22]
[Eric] I see we are all still checking this site on a regular basis. [11-28-2012 19:18:41]
[evil emperor dave] I like liking my posts. [11-21-2012 13:55:15]
[Richard] You and your reluctance. I like the facebook thing because you can have multiple conversations without having to clarify what you are responding to. [11-21-2012 12:16:22]
[Eric] This is more straightforward. The facebook group is a little more difficult to navigate. Or maybe that is just me and my reluctance. [11-21-2012 11:09:25]
[evil emperor dave] I'm sure it's just a holiday break thing. I'm still here, after all. [11-21-2012 08:36:37]
[Richard] So is the facebook group though. [11-20-2012 13:56:59]
[Richard] yes [11-20-2012 13:56:06]
[evil emperor dave] This place is a wasteland... [11-20-2012 08:52:11]
[Eric] Derrick, do you want our high chair for Gideon? It's not the greatest, but there is nothing wrong with it. It gets the job done. If so, clear out some extra space in your car this weekend, since we are also sending you home with 2 bags of toys. [11-15-2012 06:35:27]
[Eric] I posted the awesome rock climbing video where Khurram humiliates himself. That big enough? [11-14-2012 06:47:26]
[Derrick] Something big happen? [11-13-2012 22:01:44]
[Richard] Agreed [11-13-2012 14:03:55]
[Eric] Derrick, get a facebook account. Or, at the very least, use Erin's so that you can stay updated. [11-13-2012 06:43:09]
[Eric] Let's go ahead and call tonight off. Abra is vomiting a lot. [11-10-2012 13:08:50]
[Eric] Dave and Derrick, all members of my household are sick. It is contagious. I'm feeling well enough to have you over, but I thought Derrick in particular would want to know so he doesn't bring it home to Gideon. Let me know if you still want to come over, but right now I'll assume neither of you will. [11-10-2012 11:15:23]
[Eric] Derrick, when you come over on Saturday, make sure you have some space available in your car. We are sending you home with a bunch of toys for Gideon. [11-09-2012 06:32:29]
[Khurram] ok.. I just changed it so that I have to approve.. [11-07-2012 23:06:42]
[Khurram] I don't think it requires approval.. so don't do it... [11-07-2012 23:05:26]
[Eric] Dave, you are not "friends" with me on facebook. As Abra explained it to me, this is a great offense to not accept a "friend request." [11-07-2012 17:36:22]
[evil emperor dave] I see there on the right side of our group posts, that there is a way for us to add members. Would clicking add still require Khurram's, or the rest of our approval? It just seems strange that it would be that easy for any member to just click one button... [11-07-2012 09:40:04]
[evil emperor dave] There are multiple buttons on that page, so it may not be able to determine what you button you intended when you press enter. I think enter is the default for entering comments. [11-07-2012 08:40:12]
[Eric] Does hitting the enter button not submit the post? [11-07-2012 06:39:28]
[Richard] Derrick, you need to join facebook. [11-06-2012 15:58:21]
[Richard] You need to actually submit the post. [11-06-2012 10:17:20]
[Eric] Whenever I respond to a post, my response doesn't stay. Is there some setting I need to change? [11-06-2012 06:52:09]
[khurram] the group is locked down so only people in the group see it... if you do a normal post.. then it depends on our privacy settings.. usually only your facebook friends see it... [11-05-2012 17:12:42]
[Eric] What about my longer previous post with questions? I need those addressed. [11-05-2012 17:07:49]
[evil emperor dave] Damn, facebook timelines are nastier than I thought. [11-05-2012 15:55:44]
[khurram] Eric... there are privacy settings.. go into that area... and set everything to high... the timeline posts are only available to people that can see your timeline... if you post on hers.. then people that can see her feline can see that... but you commented on a post on your timeline.. so you control who seesthat [11-05-2012 15:51:39]
[evil emperor dave] How do we know khurram hasn't abandoned posting here? [11-05-2012 13:49:45]
[Richard] Probably both. And Eric, I will let Khurram field all facebook questions. [11-05-2012 10:27:19]
[evil emperor dave] I do have to wonder these features help us, or are just intended to confuse us so we give out more information than we want to. [11-05-2012 08:32:01]
[Eric] Also, my sister posted something on my "timeline" and I responded to that. Does my response show up to everyone, or just her? [11-05-2012 06:45:22]
[Eric] So, if I'm on the group page, and I post a comment, only the people who are part of the group see the comment? But if I'm on the regular page and post a comment, then all of my "friends" see the comment? I don't think I really need to post anything that everyone sees, just the rationalthought group. How does it work with the photos I post? [11-05-2012 06:40:45]
[khurram] I setup a facebook group... whoever hasn't yet... you need to friend me on faceboook.. [11-04-2012 22:40:08]
[Derrick] Yet another reason to shut it down [11-04-2012 22:22:59]
[Derrick] Well that sucked [11-04-2012 22:22:47]
[Derrick] javascript:addSmile('|cry|'); [11-04-2012 22:22:27]
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